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Typical Shallowater Pest Control Problems

Nobody wants to think of rodents in their home, but it’s all too common of an occurrence. Shallowater residents are not exempt from this unfortunate happening. As the weather gets a little cooler, rodents, particularly mice and rats, try to weasel their way inside. Holes as small as dimes or nickels may allow them in. Once inside, they quickly eat and tear away at insulation and wood. They also leave trails of droppings. Unfortunately, mice and rats are extremely sneaky creatures. It’s easy to see evidence of them but hard to actually catch them. If you or a family member suspects a rodent is loose in your home, call Fox Pest Control for help immediately. Our experienced technicians will set careful traps, and in some cases even leave out bait boxes, to catch the rodents. They will be thorough and device and plan with you to protect your home from havoc. 

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Our Connection to Shallowater

Shallowater, TX gets very hot in the summer. When temperatures rise over 100 degrees, it’s easy to not want to go outside. However, kids love to play. That’s why some of our Fox technicians frequent the Young City Park and Splash Pad in Shallowater. Going to the park on the hot days allows the kids to get their energy out by playing in the water. Our technicians usually jump in on the fun, too. Who can deny water games on a summer day? 

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